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Skylark - Wanted to give 2-2.5 stars but 3 would make me feel humble and generous. Decided 2 is fair for me. I guess this book just didn’t captivate me as I thought it would. The last 50 pages or so is what’s making me return for book two. Prior to that... I couldn’t care less. Must’ve flicked through about 150 pages.Lark holds out for the day she will finally be Harvested. But when she finally does, nothing is as it seems and escapes to uncover what really is beyond the Wall. Will they still be stories? Or will those stories be a hidden truth? Meaghan Spooner takes readers into a dark fantasy world littered with steampunk and dystopian elements and an abundance of magic. However much I thought the world unique, it wasn't realistic enough for me to be attached to and want to continue to follow Lark as she discovers more about it. I wanted to know more about Lark's world, but at the same time, I didn't know what to think about it. As for Lark, I found her to be your average YA female protagonist. Nothing unique really struck out at me about her, and so when coupled with the irregular progression of the book – slow, fast, slow, fast – I continued to read to sate my curiosity, instead of reading because I was intrigued and thoroughly invested in Lark's story. This is a book where you have to make your own judgement after you've read it. I was hoping to thoroughly enjoy Skylark before I read it, and although I somewhat did, not as much as I wanted to. If you're intrigued by the fascinating synopsis and as to what's behind the magical-inducing cover, I say go ahead and read Skylark. Skylark is an interesting debut by Meaghan Spooner and I'm curious as to what may occur in book two, Shadowlark.I really did want to enjoy this.