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Starcrossed  - Josephine Angelini My rating:★★★★1/2With a recent splurge watching and reading bits and pieces about the Trojan War for one of my current writing ideas and work-in-progress’, I was simply thrilled when I learnt that Starcrossed was based on some of the events that occurred in Homer’s The Iliad and more specifically The Trojan War. I have taken a greater interest in Greek mythology most recently which of course began with Percy Jackson. But what Josephine Angelini has done was take specific ideas from ancient literature and with her creativity and storytelling, shape them into something that fits into a contemporary modern-day story. An enjoyable and admirable cast of characters have too been created to work it.Starcrossed had a story and a take on Greek mythology that was original. As the Delos family relocate to the island of Nantucket where Helen Hamilton and her best friend Claire live, things begin to change. They are the most talked about family on the island as they are wealthy. And with these mentions Helen goes into rage. The first time Lucas Delos and her lay eyes on each other, she is immediately swept up in anger ready to kill him in the middle of a school corridor full of students. But she has no idea why she tried to kill him. It was just an impulse without knowing she was doing it.She can't understand where this compulsive loathing is coming from and why she has frequently been seeing three sobbing women, sisters (who she soon learns are The Furies), whenever a member of the Delos family is in the vicinity. After a few more attempts at murdering one another and more loathsome stares, Helen discovers that she and the Delos family are part of an ancient blood-feud and The Furies want payment which has been recurring since the time of the ancient Trojan War, a war fought between the Trojans and the Greeks over the most beautiful woman, hence “the face that launched a thousand ships”. And to this, the Greek Gods were parted on one side or the other: mainly Apollo with the Trojans, and Zeus with the Greeks. Hence the impulse to repay that by killing each other. And that’s I guess the gist of it I suppose. A lot more happens but it’s up to you to find out. And just like the tagline says, “Destiny brought them together, but the Gods will keep them apart."Achilles had a heel that was prone to being wounded that consequently killed him. Considering the seven figure deal this book had conjured, I thought I would have had a hard time trying to find an Achilles Heel, an aspect of the book that would make me love it or hate it. There was one aspect which did kill me a little but not enough to make me not love the book. Due to it’s length at 500+ pages it was daunting to read. There is a lot that happens in Starcrossed but for the most part I felt I was re-reading something although I was progressing too. It was repetitive, is what I’m trying to say. Mostly in terms of the relationship between Helen and Lucas. I lost count of how many times they were together, broke apart or when Helen decision to avoid/ignore Lucas. And the story did drag too. It could’ve been revised and cut down a bit more and still have that same impact. It was more the learning of Helen’s abilities and the control over them that went on and on.There were quite a lot of revelations which will surprise you and in the end, all for the better...or at least for one character, for the worst.For those not familiar with Greek mythology and events such as The Trojan War or even not a fan of Homer’s work, I do believe, according to seeing some lower-rated reviews, you won’t find yourself gripped into the story and characters as much as you would be if you had been familiar. If you appreciate and enjoy reading mythology-rich stories like that of the Percy Jackson series, want to read another take on the Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lovers story, or you’re just...Greek, you are no doubt going to enjoy Starcrossed. A captivating story of love, loss and what I am/were (taken from the play Love, Loss and What I Wore - tried to be witty).