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Bite Club (Morganville Vampires Series #10)

Bite Club - Rachel Caine So we hit book ten in the series and we are given a change in the way the story is told now. Rachel Caine gives us every now and then first person from Shane’s perspective which does give the story and mostly the character of Shane more depth, characteristically and emotionally. And by seeing more of Shane’s feelings we also get a different side of the events in the story and an “internal look” of the bad things that are happening, not just from the third person of Claire’s with an “external perspective”. This addition to the series was definitely well-needed considering the direction it is going, and seeing more of the characters and their internal feelings will keep this series fresh for ever how many books after number fifteen there could well be. Rachel Caine once again keeps rolling out the big guns with fantastic story arcs/plots and character development. Bite Club is fantastic addition to the series and being number ten, there’s no point in stopping; you just have to keep going, keep being addicted to the story. And this takes me onto Last Breath.