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The Last Stormdancer (The Lotus War, #0.6) - Jay Kristoff A signed novella copy up for grabs at Book Probe Reviews.In under 130 pages Jay Kristoff draws you into an epic story of power and struggle, life and love, beautifully imagined, artfully written. How someone can tell such a story, as equally good as many full-length novels that line the shelves today, is beyond my understanding. Jay Kristoff knows how to write, he knows how to tell a story, with whatever length and in whatever time.Learning how the Shima Emporium became in league with the Lotus Guild provided an intriguing backstory, tied up with the power struggle between two brothers. Simultaneously the struggle of the thunder tigers to fight or flee the impending destruction by the Lotus Guild played out, narrated in first by Koh, a female arashitora who learns of their doom after befriending Jun, a blind boy who can Ken.Koh’s narration was extraordinarily profound and engaging. It is difficult to not feel for her, especially at the end, when she defies her race’s rules as well as the one she loves.This is a novella for every fan and reader of The Lotus War series. It will have you understanding the history behind Stormdancer, and even Kinslayer. I actually do believe this should be read before reading Kinslayer, giving you a greater appreciation and making you more sympathetic for the thunder tigers that appear in Kinslayer.