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Fortunately, the Milk - Neil Gaiman, Skottie Young Review originally posted at Book Probe Reviews.Fortunately, the Milk is a book for bedtime storytelling to your toddlers and young children. It is bizarre in what it brings: a story of a father on a journey to-get-milk-but-to-not-lose-the-milk, featuring an array of characters such as Professor Steg, a Stegosaurus that time-travels, glob by aliens, a band of pirates, Amazonians, and vampires – but it is bizarrely unique and intriguing even for the oldest readers.Unfortunately, this was my first Neil Gaiman book. And it won’t be my last (okay, I did begin The Graveyard Book some time ago when I was in Year 11 but didn’t finish as exams were upon me).This 150-give-or-minus-page book went by in about half an hour, its fast pacing and storytelling and wonderfully funny illustrations letting you flick the pages eager to see what is on the next page.In Fortunately, the Milk there’s a father (whom looks like Gaiman himself illustrated) of whom I would like to be like to my children when I become a father in the future. I’ll tell them stories of my bravery, of my determination, of my love to get them what they need – even if that is milk for their cereal. Milk that I barely consume.This book is silly. This book is funny. This book has everything your children will like. Something for everyone.Except those who are lactose intolerant, because then why would you care for a father trying to get his carton of milk back? No, they, too, would enjoy Neil Gaiman’s latest.I’ve given 5 stars… just because!I’ve even made a new tag for ‘Milk’.Impressions last.