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Jamie Reign: The Last Spirit Warrior (The Last Spirit Warrior, #1) - P.J. Tierney Eeep! I really didn't want to rate it that. I really didn't. Also with this being the second review on posted on Goodreads up against the publicist's 5 stars. I feel AWFUL!Is there such a thing as fake enjoyment? I enjoyed reading Jaime Reign but I really didn't. When I saw the uncorrected proof at work I told myself I must have it - after all, I love Percy Jackson and it has been declared by the publisher that Jamie Reign is the oriental version. Perhaps I was let down because I was expecting it to be incredibly alike to Percy Jackson in the way the story unfolds, how it is delivered, the adventure and fantasy elements. But to be frank, I found myself losing interest as the book took a bit too long to get to the fantasy element of the Chinese mythology etc., whereas Percy Jackson hit it right away with the mythology and adventure in the first chapter. The book seemed to me to be the first act of one book and there was still another act to go. I was expecting more from Jaime Reign: The Last Spirit Warrior. I really was.At 387 pages Jamie Reign: The Last Spirit Warrior is a tad long for a children's novel, especially the first book of a series (of course, Cornelia Funke's books may backfire in my face for saying that. Even Wildwood or Ruby Redfort or Timeriders or... and I'm just thinking about the books I stocktaked this morning at work on the children's shelves). It might also just be the size of the font and spacing, and so might have the same word count as say Harry Potter or Percy Jackson which have small and no spacing. And when there's not much to be invested in it's difficult to remain interested. There was extensive power/heritage/family discoveries and training/learning, but it wasn't enough and was getting boring. I skipped over most of the training scenes because they were taking way too long. I actually skipped a majority of the middle 250 pages of the book, only reading leisurely when something good happened or there was a discovery, something relating to Jaime Reign and his abilities, the Way – the universal energy source, enemies and surprises. #Anticlimactic #Notmuchofabuildup #Nomajorbattle #Wasthatall?I also didn't see the point of the dyslexia. Maybe to make him more relatable to the reader and to make the reader more sympathetic for him. The difficulty reading was more of a minor plot device than anything, unlike in Percy Jackson where it actually means your a demigod if you were dyslexic.I was going to post a review on the blog but I just didn't see the point in it. I feel bad now for P.J. Tierney since we've acquainted each other on Twitter last week. I really wanted to enjoy Jaime Reign. I wanted him to be my new friend. But I guess you can't love every book you WANT to love. I think I underestimated myself. I overestimated Jamie Reign.I will still read the sequels to see how it develops and how the story continues... Hmm.Sad faces all around.