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Losing Lila - Sarah Alderson Leave all expectations, thoughts, guesses, assumptions and inklings at the first page of Losing Lila. Just let this sequel to Sarah Alderson’s popular Hunting Lila lead you into the unknown, which is exciting but treacherous as you journey on through. Leave behind everything you had thought about the abilities of the characters – both the inhuman and human. Leave behind absolutely everything… except for the events that had occurred in Hunting Lila and what we had discovered. Maybe you have a good sense of direction like I do or you do not; either way, you’ll enjoy it. Just hold on tight while Lila brings down The Unit along with Demos, fellow Psys and her loverboy Alex.Every character in this book changes in ways you do not expect. Sarah Alderson respects each character and develops them all to play a significant part in the shaping of the plot, and consequently its conclusion, be they a Psy or normal human, be they the heroes or the villains. Each character is given room to grieve, room to find strength, and the room to trust one another. Lila is given the power to exercise her own fate, as well as the other Psys; with that, Lila goes into everything head on, and no matter the danger that may present itself she still endures until she has completed what she set out to do – get her brother, rescue her mother, and most of all, bring The Unit down. There’s nothing to dislike about Lila in this sequel. There’s nothing to dislike about any of the characters in Losing Lila, besides those you are made to despise.Losing Lila was even better than its predecessor. In book one I was introduced to the cast of characters; in book two I was able to understand their personalities and desires, which further enabled me to invest myself in the determination that erupts from Lila’s mind, the influence that Alex exerts onto Lila, the humour flowing from Suki and Nate’s mouths, and everything else that Sarah Alderson’s characters show as you read. The sequence of events in this novel helps the characters to bare all and find some place in your heart to hook themselves.Looking for a read full of action and romance fully equipped with superpowers and an unforgettable mission? Go no further than Losing Lila – or rather Hunting Lila, then Losing Lila.