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Unravel Me  - Tahereh Mafi The sequel to Shatter Me explodes with Tahereh Mafi’s signature prose – beautiful, exotic, addictive, raw and oh so good! (Yep, this review is filled with quotes… take caution.) Returning to Mafi’s futuristic society and the brewing war between the Reestablishment and Omega Point, as well as Juliette’s tale of self-acceptance, -discovery, choice and love was no difficult operation. Of course! I went into Unravel Me on the back of Shatter Me, immediately having four-hundred-and-eighty pages more to be completely immersed in Juliette’s story. Despite how I returned to Mafi’s second book, those who read Shatter Me around the time that it came out to months before now will have no trouble as well. Juliette welcomes you back with open arms… Just watch out for her deadly touch and powerful strength. And that’s what Unravel Me is: deadly and powerful, more so with Juliette’s alluring voice and struggle of self-acceptance than the book’s plot.As I commented about in my Shatter Me review, Juliette’s voice is distinct due to the way she uses her words – or the way Mafi uses her words – caused by Juliette’s previous isolation in which she had generated her own individual style with the journal she had as her only company. With this comes a lot of metaphors and similes. Although it may be irritating and feel like an electric saw is gyrating through the spongey mass of your straight-thinking brain for much of the time (it was not like that for me though), Mafi presents a creative way for Juliette to communicate about and to describe the world around her. In most cases, like the passage beneath, Juliette develops her own stories to explain what she’s thinking, what she means, and what she wants you, as the reader, to understand.So I have to keep remembering that Warner and I are 2 different words.We are synonyms but not the same.Synonyms know each other like old colleagues, like a set of friends who’ve seen the world together. They swap stories, reminisce about their origins and forget that though they are similar, they are entirely different, and though they share a certain set of attributes, one cannot be the other. Because a quiet night is not the same as a silent one, a firm man is not the same as a steady one, and a bright light is not the same as brilliant one because the way they wedge themselves into a sentence changes everything.Why yes, Warner does play a major role somewhat in the plot of Unravel Me. Be afraid! Be very afraid! Maybe I should talk about what happens in Unravel Me first before I discuss… uhh… Warner.Two weeks after the events of Shatter Me shows Juliette still trying to blend in with the crowd below in Omega Point, almost like she’s a flashing red beacon with a siren that wails ‘Danger! Danger! Danger!’ to everyone that passes her. On top of that, Juliette’s relationship with Adam – a relationship that I want continued until the end of the trilogy and beyond – hits some rocky seas and is unable to stay afloat, with the combination of Juliette’s inability to trust anyone, including herself, and controlling her power as well as Adam’s inability to accept his newfound abilities and the new person he has become being contributing factors to the damage to their love. In the mix add that certain antagonist from Shatter Me, Warner, who we learn along with Juliette and Adam much more about. Warner’s father enters the picture and then Omega Point trains and prepares to defend and fight their imminent and closing in threat.I’ll just come out and say it now: Warner still does nothing to me even after everything we saw, the different side to him and the knowledge about his past and upbringing, in Unravel Me. And no that chapter sixty-two sixty-two sixty-two sixty-two did not sway me at all. I felt that that part of the book was too forced, too this-is-only-happening-to-satisfy-Warner-admirers. Maybe it was because I thought he was a psycho and megalomaniac in Shatter Me and nothing could redeem him. I do have a change of heart for Warner… but just overall, as someone for Juliette, no. He continued to be too brash when with others, most possibly a defence mechanism to hide his true self. At least tension was built throughout Unravel Me due to the unexpected turns in relationship between the characters.I’m really not sure what else to write in regards to Unravel Me. I found it to be absorbing and I wonder how the third book will turn out and how it will end. Juliette has become stronger, more independent, able to make her own decisions, and although she is impulsive as her confidence and abilities grow she does it to protect those she cares about. Throughout Unravel Me Juliette reveals more about her longings and dreams, pouring out her emotions, served raw on a plate. The most delicious parts of Mafi’s meal are below to end this review.[To read four more precious passages from Unravel Me, visit the blog post here.]