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Beautiful Redemption - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia I pushed myself in December to read Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption so that I know how it all ends and can have a fresh slate before watching the Beautiful Creatures film and experience this story again but through film and stunning visuals. Beautiful Redemption was a bittersweet ending to this series, but I felt like it needed a lot more – I was waiting for much more, considering everything Ethan goes through to return back to Lena and all the events that lead up to the end ever since the beginning. Sure, there was interesting twists here and there, but the pacing of the plot was all over the place – slow, then fast, slow, then fast. I just wanted to hurry it up and get to the actual conclusion that we have all waited for, the major conflict between Ethan and Angelus, but Angelus was such a sloppily-created villain that I knew he could do no real threat and as much damage as Seraphine had done previously. Obviously, it was probably because I knew Ethan had to win, but everything seemed a bit too easy and smooth sailing (e.g. the fight with Abraham where I was expecting a BATTLE OF HUNDREDS but got a standoff of five). Still, this book would look stunning on the big screen and I cannot wait for all four books to be adapted and for Gatlin County to become reality. Goodbye E&L.