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Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick Finale was a good conclusion to the Hush Hush series. It’s not the most memorable series of all the books I’ve read and certainly does not make me go cray cray over them, but there’s the plot twists that kept me coming back and the war between the Nephilim and Fallen Angels that kept me interested. Nora isn’t the brightest, and I guess that’s why in Finale she gives me something to remember: that I called this book ‘The Book of Lies and Doping” instead, because that’s all there ever was in Finale in regards to Nora. It certainly made the plot progress but I found it was such a forced plot device like Nora becoming amnesic at the beginning of Silence. It’s these things that are memorable; not much of anything else. I had an inkling and I called the culprit early, which was saddening as I was expecting a little more. But the last fifty pages was what I liked the most, where there was a battle and much action to be lost in until the final page of the book and the series.