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Rise - Andrea Cremer Andrea Cremer is one author I dearly love. She is not afraid to take risks (e.g., Bloodrose), and although many have still not accepted the damage Cremer has done to them, Cremer continues to bring out compelling stories despite that. Bloodrose was a favourite and it’s with hope that Cremer continues to deliver high levels of action, suspense, and superb storytelling. Rift and Rise were a fantastic prequel duology to the Nightshade trilogy, combining fantasy and historical elements seamlessly in a suspenseful and conflicting origins story.I read Rise immediately after finishing Rift, and I couldn’t have read this duology any other way. Rift and Rise are basically one novel cut in two so it was only right to go through to the end after reading Act 1. Cremer flooded this book with suspense and drama, battle and conflict, creating a flawless plot for the varied ambitions of the various characters to tread along. I enjoyed learning how the Guardians (the wolves) and the four pieces of the Cross in the Nightshade books came to be – immensely. Rift and Rise were an intriguing prequel duology that kept me waiting for the moment of discovery and origins. I’m already longing for my return to the Nightshade world.But, uhh, how can I not be excited for Cremer’s Nightshade world-set erotica books? I’m a nearly 20-year-old male with no desire to read erotica AT ALL, but my dear Andrea Cremer had to pull the delicious rabbit out of the hat and tempt me. And because these eroticas are by her and in a world I have come to love in five books, of course I’m going to be tempted. Wolves on wolves: utterly perfect. *laugh maniacally*Thank you to Philomel via Edelweiss for an e-galley to review.