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Halo - Alexandra Adornetto Alexandra Adornetto wrote 'Halo' when she was in her final year at school and I commend her on her efforts as I don't think I would have coped if I had done the same. Her writing was extraordinary throughout the novel with a very mature style. There were a few positives and negatives, giving this book a . All the negatives are counteracted with a positive, and that's all you can hope for in a book. It wasn't the best, but it did get by and I really enjoyed it.The characters and the world which Ally had written is really descriptive and really thought through. She has highlighted what she wants the reader to feel and connect with, and the world in which Beth views and the struggles she faces. Beth is not like her her brother Gabriel and sister Ivy, nor with any other angels up in Heaven or on Earth. She's more human than the other angels, and is able to share their emotions which leads her into trouble when she falls in love with a mortal boy, Xavier, at school. The book is full of rich and vibrant detail which paints an image in the reader's mind. It's really easy to envision the kind of world the angels have come from, and to see our own society through their eyes.The romance was up there as even though I don't seem to be in their situation or haven't had similar experiences, you suddenly feel the forces of love and fate that brought Beth and Xavier together. It's amazing! Ally has written about love really well, without those really raunchy bits like sex, the most in this book is kissing. However there is talk about sex before marriage, and the sex-driven girls of the high school.I firstly wrote a review last year on Halo and did the video, criticising Ally about not thinking widely about the audience she has written for, considering it is heavily based on Christianity. However, after reading a few other Angel-based novels in YA, I can now say that it's not a big problem. Each of those books were influenced by faith/religion and have at least some reference to God. Even if you are not Christian or Catholic, or do not understand anything about the religion, you can still read this as it is only a reference point for back story of why/how things are happening. It was for me, a joy to read, because you get this drive to connect back to your spirituality and enjoy living. Ally has thought about the US-based audience. Words have changed slightly for example shopping centre to mall, and pharmacy/chemist to drugstore.The plot is not really anything eccentric or amazing such as school life and the prom and the confrontation scene, but the messages throughout directed at the young audience to learn become a solid foundation to keep reading. It was a slow read for me because usually most books I read are fast-paced but this book is really: You live in the moment ,you read the moment, you take the moment in, you breathe it and you feel it. All the emotions and feelings that Beth has whether it is her first or second experience of it is really described such as the winds, smells and movements. Put aside the plot, the messages are the one thing that make you keep reading and turning that page. Each of the characters holds those needs and desires which we do as humans.I thought there was some scenes which didn't drive the story forward in anyway, but were really just a subplot, however could be used, worked and adapted more on for the next two books. I hope Hades is even better.Title: Halo (Halo #1)Author: Alexandra Adornetto (Ally Grace)Publisher: Feiwel & Friends USA, HarperCollins AustraliaPublication Date: 31/08/2010Pages: Paperback, 484. Hardcover, 496.Source: Bought