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Endless - Jessica Shirvington ‘Everything is about to end, isn’t it?’ I askedLincoln stroked my hair and ran his hands down my arms before kissing me – just a light kiss on my lips, but one heavy with his love and I soaked it up.‘Not us, Vi. Everything else may end, but not us. What we have ... We’re endless.’With a title such as ‘Endless’ you would expect that this would be the final stop for Violet, but as Jessica has informed me many times before, there will be another two books in the Violet Eden Chapters... because after the concluding pages of Endless, how can there not be more books to come? Why would Jessica shatter your already broken heart and leave you to mend it all by yourself after the effort she has put in to make you, the reader, emotionally involved and invested in Violet’s story, her struggles, and her triumphs through four books. Why? Sure, Jessica might like torturing us, but she will never leave us with an ending such as that; anyway, if that was the ending – and if I hadn’t known there were more books to come – I would have been content based upon the character growth I saw in Violet through the duration of this book, even within those final pages. It showed her with a maturity beyond her years. Violet Eden is a heroine that I believe teenage girls should strive to embody – embody her decisions and the way she conducts herself as a person for others.This fourth instalment continues on from the third, Emblaze. Endless felt like a part two and resolution for the events in Emblaze; the events in and plot of Endless had me completely immersed from beginning to end. There was not a moment when I questioned anything that happened; I had no time to. And besides, why would I? Endless captivated me. That is all that matters, right? Violet is accused of confiding in and conspiring with Phoenix in summoning Lilith by the Grigori Academy, most notably Josephine, the Head, who in Emblaze had a negative perception of Violet from the get go. Violet and co. journey to the Academy in New York to attempt to abolish these allegations and to prove that Violet is a Grigori – one of them.Enter the kidnapping and disappearance of young children. This presents an opportunity for Violet to prove herself as a “Grigori” on top of the training and tests she must undergo at the Academy to satisfy the Grigori Elders. The choices Violet makes don’t sit well with Lincoln and the Academy, but it is what she believes in and what she must do. Violet decides to discover who is kidnapping these children and to try and save them – this becomes her greatest priority. But her affinity with Lincoln creates some of its own problems, as does that particular bond she has with Phoenix. Endless is perfect and Violet is what makes it such.There was a moment in Endless where I thought, ‘How much more can Jess harness upon Violet? That girl is indestructible. That girl is extraordinary. That girl is a machine. I want to call her mine. And mine only.’ It was a moment where Violet’s identity as the heroine of this series jumped from black and white to living colour; I realised Violet’s worth, her purpose and everything she stands for. It was an inspiring moment for me personally. Book five and six have got to hold instant death in order to defeat what occurred at this said moment. I’m not sure anything can beat it. And then you get to some of the final moments of the book, and although your heart is ripped and crippled and burned many times over, you continue to appreciate and admire Violet’s character throughout everything that happens.This series, especially Endless, makes me wonder why I haven’t found that special someone yet. Darn you Jess for these horrible and haunting thoughts! Give me Violet and I will finally feel satisfied.Endless is a trap for all you hopeless romantics. But a perfect book is one that has you emotionally involved and invested in the characters, and Jessica Shirvington has written an instalment that makes it just that: a perfect book. Books five and six have some tough competition.Nothing is endless.I know that now.Let me go.V