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Emblaze - Jessica Shirvington Americans: when March comes you are in for a deliciously wonderful and hot treat. The Violet Eden Chapters continues to get better; in Emblaze Jessica Shirvington unleashes all the surprises and raises the stakes higher. At the conclusion of Enticed, the two scriptures that both Grigori and Exiles set out to recover were seized, but each one in the wrong hands – by the wrong sides. If the Exiles obtain the scripture that the Grigori possess then Lilith will be summoned. The Exiles have made an agreement: if the Grigori don’t surrender the second scripture to them then they will use the Grigori scripture to eliminate all future half-angels. The Grigori have no choice; they lose either way. And this is what sets off the line of events in Emblaze..Where Enticed took us on a journey to Jordan, Emblaze takes us to Greece – the beautiful Santorini Bay to be precise, with the pristine blue waters and the sandstone architecture and buildings layered on the side of the islands. This scenery is simply breathtaking and Jessica does a fantastic job at bringing it to life inside our minds. Besides Santorini Bay we are introduced to more characters that layer the plot in more ways than one – there’s Josephine, the head of the Grigori Academy, whose bitterness towards Violet creates drama and tension whenever they’re around each other; there’s Irin, the Keeper of the Island, who seems to have been written to further expand on this world and the “beings” that inhabit it; and plus a few others, that will spoil the ending of the book for you if I say..Jessica Shirvington has provided my 19 year old male with a love triangle to be caught up in. Lincoln and Phoenix are equally likeable and it’s hard to decide for Violet – it’s hard for Violet herself to choose love. I cannot fault either one of them; Lincoln is that perfectly supportive and protective man that girls dream of being with and boys dream of being, and Phoenix is that Dark Exile with a past that consumes and forces him to make the wrong decisions and who constantly fights for the humanity that is slowly dissolving inside of him. Poor Violet..Now, when it comes to the ending I was in wtf-ery mode although I knew where and what the book was leading up to. Emblazed for me was a book that, although complete, was written to introduce us and lead up to book four, Endless. When you finish Emblazed you’ll be grabbing Endless immediately in order to continue the story and discover what happens next. That’s what I did and I enjoyed it that much more..The Violet Eden Chapters continues to be my favourite angel series; it is the best I have read.