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Everything Left Unsaid - Jessica Davidson Everything Left Unsaid by Australian author Jessica Davidson was a poignant read that will teach you a thing or two about life, the power of choice, and the effect those choices can have on the people you may leave behind. Going into this book I knew what it would involve and ultimately how it will end. Everything Left Unsaid has characters that you can’t help but to immediately want to read about and as the book goes on you fall in love with them too no matter what their situation is by the end of the book. This book is one for contemporary-romance lovers.Although they have been friends since they were young and did everything two young best friends would do, it was guaranteed that Juliet and Tai would begin to like the other as more than a friend. But after they confess their liking for each other and everything seems perfect in those moments together amid Year 12, exams, planning for Schoolies, their career, and their future, Tai is delivered devastating news that not only interferes with his future and his family, but also rocks his relationship with Juliet. Both Juliet and Tai have to make choices—and what good are choices when in some instances either one will lead to the same outcome. This story is about acceptance, choice, love, and most importantly life.Juliet and Tai’s relationship was built upon childhood memories so it was truly believable from the moment Juliet tells Tai that she likes him. There is complete respect and understanding between the two; it is something that many romance-driven stories fail to achieve. Although their relationship sails through rocky times when Tai is diagnosed and becomes reclusive and hopeless, distancing himself from Juliet to not hurt her anymore, Juliet continues to support him. It got frustrating at times because Juliet would not know what Tai’s intentions were and vice versa, but we as the reader did since this story is told through both perspectives. You just want to shake Tai out of his gloom. But it is this gloom and yearning that makes this story and these characters so real and relatable. I personally haven’t had anyone I know go through cancer—or at least someone so close to me—but I understand that those periods of reclusion and uselessness are both key to bringing about self-acceptance. And it’s not just Juliet and Tai but also their families that pulled my heart; I found myself really gutted over Tai’s younger brothers as they were left in the dark for most of the time as to what was happening.There is no happy ending here, but for someone looking for something a bit more emotional than your average boy-meets-girl contemporary read then this is the perfect book for you.