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Inheritance - Christopher Paolini I really enjoyed this last book (technically not last since we’ll be getting another but from Angela’s POV and answering questions that she tipped off in this book). Although it had a slowish sort of beginning, once it picked up you just had to keep reading until you finish it. The pacing picked up greatly. I was a bit let down by the final “showdown” as I was expecting more of a bigger battle—although through Roran we see the fighting that occurs in the streets—but I suppose things can’t go on and on as to bore us. So it was written and played out well. However, Christopher Paolini took a long time winding down—about 150 pages—and although it was great to see the political and other changes in Alagaesia after their goal is achieved as well as how the other characters went on with life and other sweet things that occurred, it was a bit too long and I was longing for those words ‘The End’ however much I didn’t want it to end. It was a satisfying conclusion, however much Eragon’s final choice surprised me.So maybe 4.5 stars? Looking very much to the book from Angela’s POV as well as Christopher Paolini’s future books.