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Rapture (Fallen, #4) - Lauren Kate I’m happy to say: I’ve completed the Fallen series. I deserve a pat on the back looking back at the first time I tried to read Fallen that I got bored and put it down. But just before Lauren Kate came down last year I picked it up again and finished it; then recently (last week) went through Torment and Passion like that *click*! And then I got to Rapture and it was woweeee! There was definitely a lot more surprises in this last instalment, many I weren’t expecting to come out of such a series; when you read Fallen you have absolutely no idea what this series really is about, but then you go through Torment, Passion and then Rapture and you’re like holy mother of God (GOD MAKES AN APPEARANCE!!!!) I was not expecting that – and then everything just makes sense. Utter freaking sense!The beginning of the book I was a bit meh when it there going to be more action, then there was, and then there wasn’t, and then there was, and there wasn’t, wasn’t wasn’t wasn’t… but the wasn’t bits sure didn’t matter because where there was no action, there was discoveries. And satisfying dialogue. And marvellous reveals. But oh that ending – it was bittersweet! But that’s for you to find out for yourself what happens. Rapture, and the Fallen series, put a great twist on the Lucifer vs. God tale, and although we really don’t know the actual involvement of Lucifer and “The Fall,” from the end of the first book you wanted to discover along with Luce what her life – lives – really mean and how Daniel fits into it all, and everyone else that helps her.There were deaths, yes. But only a few. And yeah, I didn’t really get emotional with any of them. Just side characters that obviously Lauren Kate didn’t require anything from anymore. Sad. Great! Rapture was a satisfactory read that answers all your problems and questions from Fallen, and Lauren Kate it seems has put a lot of her experience and self in this series. You’re on the last stretch! So what do you say? Go out and get yourself Rapture and discover the ending to the series for yourself! You’ll be either tormented that you don’t or passionate that you have, but by the end you’ll be enraptured with how it all plans out.