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Storm (Elementals, #1) - Brigid Kemmerer Touch was funny like that. How one movement could choke you and kill you, but another meant nothing more than a caress and an invitation. How sex and rape were just a few motions apart.***SOMEONE PLEASE INSTILL/INFUSE/INCULCATE/INJECT CHRIS OR GABE OR NICK INTO ME – not really Michael – BECAUSE I WANT TO BE LIKE THEM.No, seriously! Why can’t I be like them? And not just because they can wield the elements. Look at all you girls drooling all over them… Why not over me?See my reason why? I blame Brigid. Sorry ma’am, but it’s the truth! (I just chuckled because I wrote ‘ma-am’.)Okay… Let me calm down for a second.*breathe* These four brothers are so not helping my self-confidence. Once again, thanks Brigid. Let’s get down to the review.I like magic. I like action. I like fantasy. I like the elements the Merrick brothers…Did I really type that last one? Ahh! I’m completely surrounded by all these girls that I forget I’m on the other team. No no no no. Let me expand on that: I like the Merrick brothers because they are real – I don’t have any brothers (just two sisters) so I don’t really know how a brotherly relationship is like, but Brigid Kemmerer has given me that opportunity. When I read about these brothers I feel as though I am apart of their family, just… their brother called God that’s looking down and reading about them. Yeah… It has been said time and time again that the dynamics between the brothers is a true highlight of Storm, and well, that is one-hundred-and-ten percent correct. You can’t read through Storm without admiring and paying attention to the authenticity of the four boys – they joke, they quarrel and swear, they take care of one another. The evidence is in the pages. And Brigid has done a perfect portrayal of four parentless brothers, barely surviving, each with a different personality and element to control – and their personalities are exactly like the element they control.And Becca, well… WHY DIDN’T YOU SHOOT? I mean, seriously! You aren’t a girl I’d fall for – I’ll just put that out there. Although Becca was meant to be this genuine and kind-spirited character with this braveness in her, I really didn’t feel it at all. I thought too much was being focused on the brothers, the end climax and *Becca, surprise!* that her character and voice was flooded with everything else that was surrounding her. I don’t know where I’m getting at here. Maybe I’ll just say, Becca wasn’t for me. I did like her, but I just didn’t think she was really genuine enough for the type of person she was meant to portray. I felt sorry for her, compassionate, but not to the point that I’d put my arms around her and caress and lull her into a sleep – she had five two boys for that.I know I’m going to get shot for saying that… and this: I thought the ending came and went just like that. There was a great buildup – an EPIC buildup – but the ending just flew by like the wind. Nick? Was that your doing? So that Brigid can get onto writing Spark and about your twin Gabriel? So that you can pretend to be him? And take the spotlight? Hmmmph *sigh* The ending – hence why I yelled at Becca to shoot!Besides my horribly justified points, Storm is a 2012 debut that you do NOT want to miss out. Brigid Kemmerer has written a spellbinding story that will sweep you off your feet and into the storm as the title suggests. Buckle your seat belts because you’re in for a wild ride, with a slow start and a steep finish.