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Black Dawn (The Morganville Vampires, #12) - Rachel Caine 4.5 stars.First thing I want to say is that this series needs to be turned into a TV series stat! I’d be happy to write the script – lately I’ve added ‘write a tv series/script’ to the list of things I want to accomplish. Morganville reminds me of Revenge just in terms of all the game-changers and twists and turns that you do not suspect. This series has evolved so much since the first book, Glass Houses, that I feel like I’ve known these characters for ages – and with twelve books as of yet, that is exactly the reason why I feel so close to them, especially Clare, Michael, Eve, and Shane. They are the glue that hold the series together.Secondly, this book was to be the final book in the series until Rachel Caine was signed on for three more. I’m all for more Morganville books, but I would’ve loved to still have a more resolved and completed ending to this book. I wanted an epic battle between the vampires and the drudge. I wanted more intensity in that “planned” confrontation scene that will remain unsaid. I wanted closure. If you’ve read Black Dawn already and understand where I’m getting at then please don’t hesitate to agree or disagree with me on this. I felt like we could’ve gotten more from this instalment and because there were three more to come, with Bitter Blood next, that Rachel Caine held back her original plans and changed them to fit the newer ending, drudge-less. Although, I bet they’ll still be around to wreak havoc. I’m just not sure.Long series keeps me on my feet and Morganville Vampires is one of those which I love for that very reason. I do love the character development in Black Dawn though. Scarred is what I can describe each and every one of them. And I wonder what more Rachel Caine can show us, throw at us, hold at our eyes in order to keep us reading. That’s my only worry. That the blood and surprises in Morganville will run out. But I know – I trust in Rachel Caine, and she’ll give us another three books that may as well blow every burnt down house and building in Morganville off the ground and leave nothing but vampires burning in the Texan sun.Bitter Blood come faster! I want to know what happens next! Like now.