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The Industry - Rose Foster 3.5/5 stars.The Industry is a promising to a thrilling new series by Aussie debut author Rose Foster. Michael Grant blurbed on the cover and you all know that I’m a big fan of him and his work so of course I wanted to read another thriller like that of BZRK. Kirra’s journey from breaking this code on the net to being abducted to learning what she is and what The Industry is – the thrill-ride never ends. It’s like you yourself are being injected with the Balcescu drug, the drug that is injected into Kirra by Latham and his evil gang to force her to crack codes although she doesn’t want to. I bet this could make a great film. It’s got plenty of gun-involving actions scenes for the boys, and a romance for the girls that develops between Kirra and fellow detainee Milo.The beginning 100 pages was a bit slow for me though but that must’ve been the beginning of the roller-coaster where you are pulled up to the sky before being released down the steep decline once you reach the very top. Did take a bit to get into it. A major problem I had with The Industry was that I felt it would’ve been executed far better if it was written in first-person. I suspected the forthcoming twists pages before they were revealed and I guess that was due to third-person narrative. I just believe it could’ve been stronger, more suspenseful, and more immediate if it were first-person. Despite that, Rose Foster has created her own “world” of criminals if you would want to call it that and if you liked BZRK by Michael Grant I bet you will enjoy The Industry too. The sequel The Estate will be released next year. Thanks to Lara at HarperCollins for a copy to review.