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Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer I’m deeply satisfied with how Andrea Cremer ended it. We were given an ending to the series which was happy, however it was sad as well. Boiling emotions. Splendid job Andrea! -----The disappointed fans can stay disappointed and frustrated for all I care. There’s no reason to begin disparaging this book if you didn’t enjoy it as much as you wanted to. Just don’t ruin it for those who have not yet read it and will possibly enjoy it way more than you. Not everything needs to rain chocolate and sprout fairy floss like your dreams and wishes do. That’s sad.I had a few qualms with Wolfsbane but I forget about them now because... BLOODROSE WAS FREAKING AMAZING!! I mean it – This. Book. Blew. Me. Away (It really did blow me... away. I can’t say it any better than how I just did hehe.) And I know from reading others' reviews – such as those on amazon.co.uk – that they had qualms with this one instead. But how could they? Just because Bloodrose didn’t end in a happily ever after? Because someone that was a dominant figure throughout all three books, and who also had a following, got killed? Because it wasn’t raining chocolate and sprouting fairy floss for the entire length of the book? Because this story didn’t end the way they wished it did, the way they wanted it to? THESE WERE THE REASONS WHY I LOVED THIS BOOK – it is now my favourite of the trilogy. After Bloodrose, Andrea Cremer has now stamped herself in my “books-by-this-author-I-need-to-buy-always-and-always-and-immediately” book. She has cemented herself in YA – and on my shelves – as one of my favourites. And mostly because of how this trilogy ended to be honest.Unsuspecting endings and unexpected events in books are what makes that said book one to remember. And Bloodrose stamped itself as one of them. I don’t want to give away anything as it is one you just need to read and experience to believe it. But be prepared to get emotional. Put tear-catchers beneath your eyes so none fall onto the pages of the book.In Nightshade I was Team Shay. In Wolfsbane I hated Shay and became a Ren fan. But in Bloodrose, Ren still had my heart however Shay wasn’t hated at all. In fact, they both became equals throughout the book with no dislikes for either of them. It was great to not be swayed.