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Touch of Power - Maria V. Snyder Although it took me a couple of months to commit to finishing it, I finally did and couldn’t stop until the end.-----Would you survive when you’re the most-wanted individual in the world, the last of your kind? I certainly wouldn’t. But if you know and understand the ways, the laws, the power of the magic that you possess, you certainly could. Our trusty, loyal Avry can even teach you – though I’d need an instruction manual. I already know how to juggle though, so that’s one less thing I’d need to learn (just need to move onto kitchen knives or even torches of fire, now… “Sensei Avry, I need you!”). And from all those times that Avry had taught others how to do things – teaching Flea how to juggle, showing others how to care for the sick and injured, and also the guidance she gives to others to find the truths within and outside themselves – you’d be a pro at what you do in absolutely no time at all. Avry has the patience to be a great teacher, at everything, and the journey that she goes on within the pages of Touch of Power is evidence for it. Maria V. Snyder has written another wonderful and strong-minded female protagonist following the likes of Yelena, Pearl, and Trella. And with another breakout story, you might just feel like you’ve been devoured by a Dead Lily – but rather with explosions of pleasurable, orgasmic sensations than that unwanted thing called death.Now I have to admit, there was a time in the first half of the book when I was losing interest since it dragged on a little – for me at least – but as the action, the suspense, and the revelations unfurled, there was nothing you could do to stop yourself from flicking those pages fast enough. Finding that brake pedal, or relearning how to move your foot to free it from the accelerator’s grasp, is impossible when you’re having such great sensations like the ones described above. Shall I repeat? Err… Okay: Org… aaa… As… mmm… Mic! And when you reach the climax there’s nothing else the Death Lily can do but spit you out like it does to Avry every time she got close to one. (“Sorry you had to learn that you weren’t her first Kerrick!” *giggle*) I didn’t tell you yet but you might’ve already noticed: the Death Lilies are evil!The rest of the characters in Touch of Power just like the ones found in Maria’s other series, are well-rounded to the bone. The gang that kidnap Avry consisting of Kerrick – you know, the “guy”, the only reason why you girls read – Belen, Quain, Vinn, and Flea, the baddies, and the countless other side characters, all have backstories and personalities you’ll discover as you read. You just have to know which ones to trust. And within The Fifteen Realms, there is no knowing who you should trust – you will not know until you pick up this book and go along with Avry on this adventure.Looking forward very much to the sequel Scent of Magic. Thank you to Gabby at Harlequin Teen Australia for this ARC. Now I must go and get my own copy to put on my shelf so that I will always be reminded of Avry of Kazan.