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Fateful - Claudia Gray Fateful was a hauntingly surprising read. It was easy to be skeptical about putting werewolves upon the Titanic in the beginning—actually, I wasn’t skeptical at all. I was more suspicious at how Claudia Gray will combine two well-known identities together into an original story, set apart from the story of Titanic that we know of in James Cameron’s film. Although you know what happens to the Titanic in the end—making the idea of it very much predictable, it is made historically fresh and creative with these new characters and the addition of werewolves. Speaking of characters, Tess our protagonist is a beautifully written young woman filled with compassion and admiration for the people around her whom she comes across upon the cruiser. You can’t help to feel sorry for the predicaments she finds herself in as you read, and oh, especially towards the end. The other characters also have their own authentic traits that make them come alive while you read. Claudia Gray’s prose felt authentic too, matching the time period excellently well. The only aspect I would change about this book is the ending. The only thing it did do was drag the story on to a point it did not need. But besides this little peeve, Fateful was a compellingly seductive and romantically rich read with slight parallels to the love-story found in the iconic film.