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Embrace - Jessica Shirvington 3.5 stars. Embrace is an enticing read (pardon the pun since the sequel is titled Enticed) from Australian author Jessica Shirvington. I do hope when it is released next March in the US that this series garners the attention it requires to be a strong contender in the YA market, or even amongst the expansive field of angel books. Jessica has delved into angel mythology concerning angel hierarchy—in which I had no idea of—and of Grigori. And this mythology is quite evident within this book and the series in which does set itself apart from the other angel books, making it informative and compelling at the same time. Violet is a wonderful protagonist as she doesn’t fall for others’ desires but rather stands independent wanting to fulfil her own that she has much of the time. And these desires can be seen in her love for both her long-time friend Lincoln and the mysterious guy Phoenix, in which yes you guessed, equates into a love triangle. For me, the romance aspect of this book with the triangle made me a bit doubtful as it seemed forceful much of the time. However, I did choose who I wanted Violet to be with and that’s all a triangle really needs right? Embrace will be a definite winner for those girls who love to take sides (as seen in the Twilight phenomenon) and they’ll definitely be pining for one or the other. I am looking forward to seeing where Jessica Shirvington takes Violet Eden next within Enticed. And from what friends have expressed, Emblazed is superiorly better.