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Hades - Alexandra Adornetto I’m not sure what I should say about Hades. I don’t want to be too critical because I didn’t particularly hate it, and I don’t want to go way over the top as I didn’t love it. It’s not at a ‘like it’ stage either although I’ve given it three stars. This sequel to Halo (which I enjoyed) has some good things within it, but when seen on a whole, I’m not very sure where it should stand. I can recall the highs I came across within Hades but since for a majority of the book I was pushing myself to get through it, I’m not even sure what those highs were—I just know that there were some. This sequel was boring at parts and I was hoping for more of a battle within it instead of a save-the-girl kind of book. Hopefully Alexandra Adornetto delivers a much more outstanding book, and conclusion, in Heaven. What I really can’t wait for is to see what Alexandra does after this series. The subjects she tried to handle in this series just did not play out the way I thought she could have done it. If you weren’t a fan of Halo then I guess there’s no point picking Hades up. I might just save you some time.That epilogue was unneeded.