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Forever - Maggie Stiefvater Final Thoughts: *sniffles* I’m not sure whether I should be happy that the wolves reached their safe haven and that the characters came out of this predicament alive (or dead *looks away*), or be sad because this trilogy has concluded. It is one of those trilogy endings that bring out conflicting emotions, like yin and yang, opposites that only exist in relation to each other, smiles and tears. And with this end to the trilogy, we come to a close with the characters. Through all three books they have grown and matured, and we farewelled them at such a perfect time. But it did feel open ended so let’s just hope that we will see these characters once again in the future. A perfect close for a perfect trilogy.–Forever felt like an almost entirely different book. At the end of Linger we see Grace finally become the wolf that was wrestling its way free, and with this change she has the duty to protect and save the wolves before it’s too late and every single one of them is killed. While Grace has this going for her, Sam finds it difficult to accept that he has lost Grace now (and not himself), and he longs for his Summer Girl to return. Isabel and Cole, just like Grace and Sam, have important roles in the outcome of this trilogy, too – if not more vital.There’s really not much else to say considering the trilogy has come to the end. The plot stayed together and had continuity all the way from the first page of Shiver, through Linger, and to the last page of Forever. It was really just one big book split into three. Therefore, there’s not much else I can say about Forever which I have already said in my previous reviews of the first two books besides just telling you what happens in this instalment. There’s no huge change in plot or character, or even setting; Forever tied the trilogy’s plot together perfectly.I did wish however that there was an epilogue of how things progressed or continued on after the good deeds were done. In some books it doesn’t quite work because what happens in them is to some extent almost too cheesy and predictable. But knowing Maggie, I know that she would make an epilogue that you would be falling head over heels for as you just want to know that everything is alright, that everything is happening for these characters (e.g. Sam’s music career, or even Cole as some spontaneous scientist, and Grace, well, as a wolf. Not sure about Isabel.) This ending though has given the reader an opportunity to be creative (like I just was) and create your own happily ever after.Am currently reading The Scorpio Races with open arms. It’s Maggie! Looking forward to whatever else she puts in front of us as I’m sure it could be just as good, if not better.