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Linger - Maggie Stiefvater Final Thoughts:After reading The Wolves Of Mercy Falls trilogy, I can proudly confirm Maggie Stiefvater as a mastermind at crafting captivating stories involving spectacular settings, and deep and authentically rich characters. This is one love story – or technically two love stories – that you must find the time to read. You will be emotionally distraught by the end of each book as each character shares their lives with you. Where in Shiver there were two, in Linger we have four; four individuals, four corners, four directions your heart will be pulled towards. And then with that cliffhanger ending, Forever was picked up almost instantaneously.---Cured from being a werewolf, Sam adapts to his new life as a human away from the burden that came with turning into a wolf. The thought of now having a future and what he will do with it provides Sam with a cause to fight for. For Sam however, it doesn’t help that Grace is ill and weighted down with incessant fevers. And the addition of Grace’s parents putting restrictions onto their very intimate relationship, makes it that much harder. With this, we also see Isabel struggling to deal with the part she took in her brother’s death, while falling into the arms of Cole, a recently turned werewolf with an unknown past, unbeknown to anyone.When reading these books there is one aspect that you certainly cannot look past. That is the characters, in particular Grace, Sam, Isabel, and Cole. Maggie Stiefvater used the quad-perspective impressively well. We were able to see each character’s problems and how they dealt with them and fought them. Each of them had a different process of dealing with their problems: Grace confronts them, Sam avoids them, Isabel questions them, Cole escapes them by drinking and…turning into a wolf. And with this each have to try and bandage and mitigate their pasts, and the pain these pasts have thrust onto them. You are connected with each character from beginning to end. Sam and Cole are polar opposites, which gives the reader something to evaluate and find an extra distinction between them.What about the love, you say? Written absolutely perfectly in a way only Maggie Stiefvater can do. Maggie has reinvigorated my interest for romance in YA. Sometimes you come across romances that are very cliché and predictable and…boring. But not once within this trilogy did I find a dull moment in the relationships between Grace and Sam, and Isabel and Cole. They’re both multi-layered to the point that you’d feel like a manic dog digging trying to get to his bone that he knows he will never reach but keeps struggling anyway. Strange analogy I know, but I hope it worked. Their relationships just don’t end in terms of features, depth, and the problems faced within them.Yes the ending may have been somewhat predictable, but really, who cares? It left me grasping for Forever which I had already placed next to me before Linger concluded. I read to be immersed in stories, but without characters these stories will be nothing. You’d just be reading about trees swaying in the wind, unmoving. Linger is packed with character development, and if I were to write anymore to this review, it’ll just be discussing the characters, and only the characters.Shiver is a perfect lead-up to the final and third book in the trilogy, Forever (already read). One story I don’t want to end, and four characters I don’t want to forget.