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Goliath - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson As this final book in the trilogy concluded, I was left with a loss of words. What more do I say that I haven’t already said before in my reviews for Leviathan and Behemoth? Scott Westerfeld is a genius at what he does, casting you off on a worldly adventure amidst an alternate World War I. This historical platform had given Scott Westerfeld’s imagination endless room to soar with the help of his endearing characters and the spectacularly masked plot. This is one trilogy you have got to read! It will give you a new appreciation for world history and the genre of alternate/speculative fiction such as Steampunk as it did for me. You would be barking daft to not at least try.This trilogy is just one big worldly adventure. Once you begin, you will just want to finish, which is the reason why you should have Behemoth and Goliath right beside you at the conclusion of Leviathan. Goliath picks up where Behemoth finished. I’ll just put it out there that once I read Behemoth, I had an inkling of what could be in-store in Goliath. My high hopes of seeing the rebellion flourish into the third and be a driving force towards the conclusion of the trilogy however, was not met; happy I became. Scott Westerfeld set us on another, even more epic, adventure which I could not have enjoyed any more than I did. Westerfeld is a master at plotting. All these arcs throughout the trilogy converged together to one thrilling conclusion that leaves you wanting more. I do hope we get to see these characters once more in the future, in particular Alek and Deryn our two protagonists, as there is lots more about them and their next life adventures that I want to discover and be immersed in again.Goliath sees Alek and Deryn back on board the Leviathan after they take part and help with the revolution in Instanbul. The Leviathan is now required to locate and pick up someone from Siberia who claims to have a weapon that could stop the war on their journey east to New York City. Due to the rebellion, Alek’s Princely identity has become known around the world, and it is this famed scientist that could put Alek back on the throne where he belongs. Also on this journey east, Deryn finds it difficult to find the courage to face Alek about who she really is, and as the stakes get tougher, keeping her secret gets tougher. Across countries of Europe, Asia, South and North America, secrets are revealed and mysteries uncovered as the Leviathan gets closer to its goal, and to the end of the war altogether.There is really not much my words can say about this trilogy. You just need to experience the wonder of it yourself. Kieth Thompson’s illustrations help you visualise some iconic scenes in the books, but it is really Scott Westerfeld’s visual details and characterisations that are the true standout. Alek and Deryn’s relationship continued to grow and I absolutely adored where it went. From their initial acquaintance their relationship was severely flawed. It was far from perfect. And it took three books to get it to where it is now. This I love. Although there were many highs and lows, jealousy, unfaithfulness, laughter, joy thrown into it, their true “friendship” had not faltered one bit. It did not matter when Alek learned about Deryn’s true identity. It was accepted just like that, their history (if you would like to call it) being a common factor. Besides Alek and Deryn we are introduced to new characters, many real historic people like Mr. Tesla, and we are also re-introduced to old characters from the previous two books who brings their own way of influencing the storyline.One word about the world, the atmosphere, the detail: Epic! The fact that we get to experience other cultures within this alternate world like that of Japan, shows Scott Westerfeld’s skill at world-building, making it feel so real.Please just go and read this trilogy so I can share my love for it with you too.