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Angel Arias - Marianne de Pierres I was so ecstatic when Marianne asked if I would like an uncorrected manuscript of Angel Arias. I want to first say thank you to Marianne as well as the crew at Random House Australia for giving me the chance to read it in advanced. And now, from what I see so far… nobody has been disappointed in this sequel to Burn Bright. As Burn Bright is currently only available in Australia – for the moment at least – I am not going to go into too much detail about the plot of Angel Arias. It’s best that you get a copy of Burn Bright first and be wound up in this original and captivating story yourself.Rather than being set predominantly on Ixion, the island of freedom and eternal pleasure like Burn Bright was, Angel Arias brings us back to Grave. We previously saw a glimpse of Grave at the beginning of Burn Bright, where Retra – now Naif – was escaping to Ixion to find her brother Joel. But this time, we are given the chance to see the environment, the restricted and controlled Seal Compound that Retra/Naif was raised in. She returns to try and discover if there’s a connection between what’s been happening on Ixion and her home island of Grave, and to ultimately save her friends and brother who are still on Ixion.Naif continues to evolve. In Burn Bright, she transformed herself completely to fit in with everyone on Ixion, leaving behind her past. However, this time Naif solitarily questions Grave, its authorities, and her upbringing to uncover the realities and truths of her world – and of her life. On this journey we are introduced to many more new faces. There was one character in particular, Jarrold, that I really grew to admire. Most likely because he constantly risked his young life to help Naif. Also partly because I wish when I was at that age, that I was as adventurous, intelligent and bold as he was. We are also presented with a new type of creature, separate from the already known night creatures. These new creatures although initially mysteriously anonymous, and encountered with caution and uncertainty, developed into endearing allies despite of their physical features. Learning about the causes of how they came to be like that and got those physical attributes was fantastic. Marianne did a splendid job at introducing us to all these new characters, and weaved them into this plot flawlessly well.I really want this world that Marianne de Pierres has conjured in the Night Creatures series to be known and shared by all. I hope soon that all of you – whether your American, British, Canadian, Indian, French, German, or even an inhabitant of the North Pole – get to experience this world as us Aussies have been lucky to be captivated in, and for some, twice already. Grave felt just as real as Ixion and you’ll be thrown into the story along with Naif to find the truth behind the truth. Angel Arias is a captivating sequel that outdoes its predecessor – well, for me at least.~~~~~~~~~~~~All I’m going to say for now until I do publish my review in a few weeks time, is that I loved it heaps more than Burn Bright if that’s possible. SO much more you learn about Grave/Seal and each society as a whole, old and new characters