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Blood Song - Rhiannon Hart After three weeks sitting on this review so that I publish it closer to the release date (which is about one week away *squee*), I found myself thinking about Rhiannon Hart’s debut novel Blood Song more and more. It’s not just because I’m excited to attend the book launch (jealous?) but rather Rhiannon has written a quintessence fantasy for younger readers. Although I’ve been heavily influenced by my love for high-end, epic fantasies because of the extensive world-building, character development and story arcs within them, Blood Song still delivers but on a lighter scale. Younger readers don’t want to be inundated with facts and figures. All they want are strong characters that they can identify themselves with and Zeraphina is one of them. For anyone looking for a light fantasy read, or for younger readers wanting a fantasy read so they can slowly advance into this grand genre, I will without an ounce of thought recommend Blood Song immediately. If I thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself, then you would too.In Blood Song, Zeraphina has a burning desire to travel north as her curiosity for why she has this odd craving for blood grows. It is there she will find her answers. So when Lilith her sister must go northward to marry a wealthy Prince after her betrothed passes, Zeraphina instantly takes advantage of this opportunity to go north too. But what will Zerpahina find there when she arrives? Almost everything she had not expected: a mysterious truth to uncover, dangers to avoid, and a certain Rodden who constantly hinders Zeraphina from finding out about those truths.Zeraphina is one of the best heroines in Young Adult to date. She has her best interests in front of her at all times and although she knows she isn’t the perfect sister to Lilith or daughter to Renata, that doesn’t deter her from doing whatever she wants. Strong and naive, adventurous and stubborn, fearless and bold; what isn’t there to love about Zeraphina? If there’s one thing I’ve learnt for my own writing: give the freaking females a bow and arrow and watch her unleash the beast within. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about real life: don’t let females carry weapons, and if you do come across one wielding any kind, either…RUN, or get down on your knees and beg for mercy. I don’t want to meet Zeraphina. She just might shoot and then feed on me. Okay I’ll admit I have nothing else to say and that I’m just trying to fill up this page. But if you don’t enjoy Zeraphina’s character and voice through Rhiannon’s beautiful and flawless prose…then there is something majorly wrong with you.Is it possible for me to just say that you need to read it to believe it and see for yourself? I think that is what I’m going to suggest. The more you sit, the more you wait, the more you forget, the more you cherish, the less you want to share because you just want to keep the novel as memorable and fun for you as you can get it. Me coming from a background of having a love for high-end, epic fantasy which plagues my mind (in a loveable way), I still thoroughly enjoyed the world Rhiannon has created. It is immensely fascinating and I for one am excited to see (and fo’sure!) the younger audiences, and everyone[!], devour this new fantasy series from a breakthrough Australian writer.