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The Power of Six - Pittacus Lore I’m sure most of you would probably know the baggage and attention that I Am Number Four had received last year with the debacle associated with James Frey and that ‘factory’. I may not have been fully supportive of that scheme at first, but since they produced such a great story and unique world as we have been shown so far in the Lorien Legacies – in I Am Number Four and continued to do so spectacularly in The Power of Six – then I have no right in saying that that should not continue to happen. If they carry on delivering epic stories, then let them do it! I have had the time of my life reading them and they give young male readers something worthwhile to look forward to every year. And it’s not to say female readers won’t enjoy just as much.The Power of Six starts off right where I Am Number Four finished, with John Smith (Number Four), his friend Sam and Number Six (and we can’t forget Bernie Kossar our beloved dog and chimaera in hiding) on the run from the FBI in America as well as hoping to find the rest of the Nine. They are believed to be terrorists after the destruction of the High School in Paradise, Ohio and also because of the forgery equipment found in John’s and Henri’s (John’s recently killed Cepan) house. We are also introduced to a new Loric which is Number Seven who we know as Marina. She has been brought up at a convent in Spain along with her Cepan. Not once does Marina lose her true identity of being a Loric and keeps her best interests in front of her. For some duration of the book we see her try to persuade her Cepan, who has made a choice to worship God instead of Lorien. They are in dire need to move and train, and with the Mogadorian numbers increasing constantly, there isn’t much more time until they are found. After the high profile events in America making international news, the Mogadorians are even more determined in destroying the Loric Nine before they unite and become even more invincible than they already are.There is so much that I just love about this book. First off, I love that it has a dual-perspective narrative. The story that we know of from I Am Number Four has its chance to continue and develop, whilst we also get a new experience viewing the world from Number Seven, Marina’s, and her upbringing and struggles at the convent in Spain. I was reading The Power of Six just feeling utterly happy about the decisions that the writers have chosen to tell this story and I think that it’s such a unique way of storytelling and gives you the best of both worlds in a plot that weaves in and out that you stay stuck to the pages no matter what it thrown at you.This addition to the series is even more explosive than the first, literally and figuratively. There is a lot, and I mean A LOT, more action which just adds to the exciting and addictive, page-turning adventure you will discover when you read it. We learn more about the background of why the Nine were chosen and also about who/what exactly was on that other ship that left Lorien on that day war broke out on Lorien. There are so many surprises that it is hard for you to not be surprised even when you don’t want to. It was really difficult to predict where this story was going and I am just astounded at what was achieved. There was just so many twists. I am not going to plan any premonitions about what will happen in the third instalment because I might just kill myself. This is definitely one series you want to get into if you want to be thrilled and ride a literary roller-coaster. The climax is just as dramatic as that of the first.I have something to share quickly. Sam’s character just kept on getting better and all his one-liners cracked me up to the point that I had to pause…but then I’d read over it again, and pause…and then again…and pause. I just couldn’t stop laughing. It made my day. [Six]: I like Six. Maybe it could be short for something… [Sam]: Like Sixty? — That was hilarious. Okay back to normality.