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Fallen - Lauren Kate I’ll admit. I wasn’t a fan of Fallen when I had begun reading it this time last year. I went no further than the prologue. But now that I’ve read it, I can say–proudly–that I did actually enjoy it. However, it wasn’t until the end when things actually happened and the paranormal aspect came to the forefront, that I did. And those things were intriguing. Though, through the first 300 pages I had that constant thought of, “Just get through it. . .Keep with it. . .Finish it.”Luce is sent to a reform school Sword & Cross after being accused of burning her boyfriend to death. She quickly attracts a range of friends: Arriane, a tough but bothersome girl; Cam, a boy who shows a liking for Luce openly; and Penn, a girl who attends the school because she wants to and not forced to like everyone else. Luce however, is constantly chasing after Daniel although their first face-to-face turned out terrible. But there is something familiar about him and she can’t figure out why.Obviously from the title you can immediately guess that this novel is about angels; nothing else really “falls”. If you’re going into this novel expecting that you’ll read about angels from page one, you won’t be satisfied. Fallen is the type of book that builds up the atmosphere and the tension for quite some time before releasing and revealing, giving you a story to ultimately enjoy and a knowing of what you could encounter in the next few books in the series.I enjoy seeing how movie adaptations represent the author’s story, world and characters on the screen. Disney seems to be successful in what it does, so I am in no doubt of thinking that Fallen as a film will be a disaster. Especially with the paranormal parts of the book, I am wanting to see what they deliver.