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Feast of Fools  - Rachel Caine The Morganville Vampires series from start to finish reads as one long novel. The end of one is the beginning of another. They have continuing plot arcs or a new plot arc just for the one book. And an integration of old and new characters. There is no valid reason why you should get bored reading it. I’m nearly halfway through the series currently and i feel like so much has happened already, wondering what else Rachel Caine can throw at us in the town of Morganville. It proves that there’s much more lurking underneath the surface and does require the twelve books it will have to show you. And I’m happy with that!Feast of Fools begins with the introduction of Mr Bishop, an intimidating old vampire who claims to be Amelie’s father, along with a few new vampire characters that are even more deadly and possessive. They have returned to Morganville to makes agreements and amends with Amelie, spending most of the squabbling in the Glass House. But all is not what it seems as Mr Bishop has returned for more than just reuniting with his daughter. We also see Claire’s parents relocate to Morganville and takes residence in another Founder house like that of the Glass House, which does bring more pressure and stress unto Claire and her friends.Particularly in this chapter of the Morganville Vampires series and possibly in the rest of it, I can see that age does not limit what you can or can’t do. Claire is only sixteen -- or ‘nearly seventeen’ -- and has quite a lot of problems, priorities, pressures and stresses thrust onto her. If I were her, I’d probably be in hospital with the flu or something worse because of the amount of stress I’d have gone through and weakening my immune system in the process. But this is Morganville and Claire has a lot of help, from both vampires and humans.This book in terms of character advancements or dimensioning, was focused mainly on Eve’s family and her struggle to believe that she no longer owes them anything. Her family continues to have an influence over what she does and she wants to forget it. Whereas in previous books we learnt about Shane’s father and family. Each and every character continues to grow and this is what I enjoy immensely about Rachel Caine’s writing.I have just started reading book five Lord of Misrule as I am desperate to know where this Morganville war is heading. And already, Claire is given a huge responsibility and order. Wonder how she’ll get through it this time.