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A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin After first watching the HBO series I knew that I'd be reading a highly epic fantasy. I had no idea of the series prior to the screen series viewing. I absolutely loved it. Therefore I loved reading it.As I knew what will happen through the course of this first book from the first season, I was anticipating a lot of the memorable and monumental scenes which did interrupt the enjoyment of reading. I had no problems picturing the cast as they really are epic too. Although Joffrey looks like a spawn of Satan.What I did enjoy the most when reading was the history and backstories that the screen series does not show or inform you about as there is simply not enough time. Maybe there was, but I don't recall knowing why Sam became to be fat and his House. It was left up to interpretation in the moving image. The characters are part of the most-rounded three-dimensional casts I have read. I felt connected to them in the screen series, but even more personally knowing them in the book series. Well deserved appreciation and exposure George R.R. Martin!