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Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles Simone Elkeles’ novels are some of the only romance, boy-meets-girl, girl-meets-boy I can bare to read. There’s enough to keep both genders reading despite what the book is written to prove. That two people from different sides of the tracks, can accept one another and prove that you can relate to each other, hence a relationship. Some work. Others don’t. But that’s life. Books such as this show the best of what these types of relationship can offer. It’s pretty surprising to read what i just typed coming from the male perspective I possess. But hey! I enjoyed it nonetheless, although I did put it to rest 100 pages in for a month or two.I could explain what happens. But I don’t feel like it. It would destroy your experience of it even though you practically know the end result even if you don’t know anything about the backgrounds of either of the characters. You just know that it is one of those books. And well, yes you assume right. Carlos and Kiara do get cosy in one another’s arms in the end but the joy of these books is reading the journey both characters take and the things they explore and discover on it. But sadly even in Carlos’ story, his older brother Alex who had the chance to splurge his love story, still undergoes difficulties with Brittany. Like I said. Nothing is perfect - and now I begin to think that the title of the first book should change, wouldn’t you think? These are totally not spoilers but rather the result. The spoilers are the products that come together to bring about the result.I enjoyed Alex and Brittany in Perfect Chemistry more than I enjoyed Carlos and Kiara in Rules of Attraction. Carlos was more hard-core, immediately cutting that string that could connect him to me. I just didn’t relate to him, besides when he began to open up and got soft. However, I’m glad Carlos is a rebellious character but knows how to keep safe and be wary of the outcomes if wrong choices are made. Whereas Kiara...I’m not too sure about her. She seemed too forced as a character, for example her speech difficulties.What I enjoyed was the quirky moments and funny lines. The introduction of Kiara’s gay best friend Tuck who brought some humour and a funny sort of love triangle to the table which I devoured without hesitating. Though Rules of Attraction is better in the humour department than I think Perfect Chemistry was. But there was a epilogue, view-of-the-future which was odd but insightful. Even without it you could theorise how Carlos would turn out as a father, wouldn’t you think? The very ending seemed just very unlikely. Exact words? I don’t think so.Rules of Attraction is a great sequel to Perfect Chemistry, bringing the characters we knew back into a new story with newer problems to sort out. I am sincerely interested in Chain Reaction to read about the youngest brother Luis' path. In these first two he seemed to me to be a young and innocent with a personality very different to that of both Alex and Carlos and the evidence to that is in the synopsis of that third book. I am very sure I will relate to him, possibly only until he meets that bad girl.