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Silvermay - James Moloney Silvermay, the first in a new fantasy trilogy by best-selling Australian author James Moloney, was a unique adventure I have not read of for a while, most likely due to the lack of fantasy in Young Adult these days. This is what fantasy in these younger age categories should be like. From the very first page you are swept up in the journey of Silvermay, our female protagonist, along with Tamlyn and Nerigold, a couple fleeing from the grasp of Coyle Strongbow, a power-thirsty individual. Now I don’t want to give much away because Silvermay is a novel full of mysteries and discoveries so I’m just going to let you read and find out why they’re escaping and for what reason.And when I said ‘first page’ I meant the first page of the prologue. Some prologues just don’t interest me, but by far the one in Silvermay is one of the best I have ever read. It has Silvermay question her humanity and innocence. I would provide it here as a huge long-ass quote for you to devour too, but I don’t want to get caught on copyright infringements :). I would if I could! It’s simply the best. And it’s only two pages, but so full of thought and heart.Silvermay is steadily-paced and great-twisting plot to keep you on your toes. It is worth the read if you like some fantasy to keep you occupied on a long weekend or cold winter day. All characters are memorable and will leave you thinking about their individual choices, their pasts, and how their future will turn out. Just don’t trust anyone. That’s what I’ve learnt.In this world there are certain wizards called Wyrdborn, who are strong in strength, power and seducing. And they can make you trust in them. Silvermay trusted in one and at the same time, you as the reader will not know the truth like her until the very end.Silvermay was a very enjoyable read and I’m itching to know the future of each of these characters in Tamlyn the second, and Lucien the third. Thanks to Harper Collins Australia for providing me with a copy to be seduced by. The writing was easily readable and flowed flawlessly. Looking forward to more by James Moloney. Must go check out his earlier series, The Book of Lies.First paragraph/line:Prologue:“Should I tell you of the first time I saw him, when he was still just a figure on the road like so many others who passed through Haywode, stopping only for a bowl of broth at the inn?"