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Midnight Alley  - Rachel Caine Rachel Caine never fails to deliver and this is the third book in the series. I wonder how the last three books in the series compare to these first three in which I have only read. I bet they will be a million times better simply because I say so and that’s what I predict. If I had continued to read the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and all the way to the latest book right now, I could hypothesise that the exposure from all currently released ten (?) books of the series would force my mother to send me to a psychiatric hospital just because of the endless amount of shocks and jolts given to me and for them making me emotionally unstable, and psychotic. Dear Rachel Caine. Please at least try to keep your readers stable until the very last book, wherein you then have permission to kill them if that is what you desire. Looks like I should take a little break from this series before I continue anymore just to regain the composure I once had.What I love about The Morganville Vampires series is that Rachel Caine makes the whole series seem like just one big-ass novel because of how she immediately continues the next book from the one before it. And there is no repetition within the plot whatsoever because Rachel Caine is a master of plots. Like the two before it, Midnight Alley introduces us to a few new characters, and is full of endless twists and turns, surprises and mayhems, which intrigue you from the very beginning. An excellent addition to the series making me want to dig into the next book straight away. But I have persuaded myself by ‘other’ means to take control of this compulsion that you would end up having too if you read these books.I guess this is not a review but more of a warning involving praise, wouldn’t you think? I guess so. Just go read these books :p.