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City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare I won’t delve deeper because it is the fourth book in the series and well, don’t want to really explain what happens in this instalment. Yes! That’s right I did give this book three stars. Why? Because of a whole lot of things. There were some aspects of City of Fallen Angels which I enjoyed but overall, I believed it was a total filler.On sequels I think I will adopt the pros and cons method of reviewing. There are a few parts I had appreciated. The first being Simon as an influential character in the driving of the plot. In the ’should’ve-been-kept-aa-a-trilogy’ books before it, Simon just felt like a sidekick and had no real reason to be apart of this world besides when he becomes a vampire in the latter half of the trilogy. I really loved his personal arc as a vampire which can be related to many other scenarios for example being gay etc., and his relationship with Clary: lover or friend? Simon was really the only character I enjoyed whilst reading.Due to my recent interest in demons, I found the new bits of lore introduced and involved in the plot to be captivating. Just the baby birth arc and and Sebastian was unnecessary. I assume there could have been another way to take this story than the way it had taken.I liked the introduction of Camille into these present times, but Alec’s obsession over Magnus’ past relationships just really annoyed the hell out of me. For crying out loud! He doesn’t even know the age of Magnus and he calls himself Magnus’ boyfriend. And don’t get me started on Jace and Clary. I skimmed, no wait...skipped, the so-called romantic and lustful scenes. *vomit* It was a joke! There was enough of that in the first three books that Fallen Angels did not need. I guess she always has to please her kow-towing followers. Jace was emo (yeah he slit his wrists), and Clary just idealised a mindless drone who knew right and wrong but just couldn’t fight. She barely made any right choices here. Especially when Jace told her to run and leave near the end, but she hid and got herself in much deeper trouble. I was a softcore fan of Cassie Clare after finishing the trilogy because of her writing, but now because of this expansion she has accepted and the turn the plot is going, I’m not really sure I am anymore. She’s just becoming into another Stephanie Meyer. Look at how Breaking Dawn was received. *vomit* I just hope Cassandra Clare doesn’t make the same mistake with The Infernal Devices which I enjoyed a whole lot more than The Mortal Instruments and so far there has only been one book.I thought I was going to begin the cons here but it seems I have already started to enlighten you on what I didn’t particularly enjoy. I was bored to be frank. Oh and don’t get me started on Simon’s relationship with Maia AND Isabella at the SAME time. Of course the disaster would’ve happened eventually. It’s a no-brainer! Learn your lessons kids. Be with ONE person at only the ONE time. He also had a spark for Clary too. So he basically three-timed it in Fallen Angels.And the Shakespeare references....don’t get me starte