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Eona  - Alison Goodman Firstly let me just say that, the above sentence: "Eona, with its pulse-pounding drama and romance, its unforgettable fight scenes, and surprises, is the conclusion to an epic only Alison Goodman could create”, is incredibly well said and spot on. After finishing Eon, I was just itching to get my hands onto Eona. Even Eliza from Harper Collins Australia witnessed my painful waiting experience, and after continuous emails, hassling and through the power of love, I managed to snag my own copy of Eona for review (and if I’m not restrained if I ever personally see Eliza, I’m sure hugging would consequently and immediately lock me up for good).Wow! I tend to write better reviews when I can actually express my sheer gratitude for getting such a book as Eona, for reading the words of an incredibly gifted author such as that of Alison’s, and for having such an awesome publicist as Eliza to hassle about exciting new titles. Eona was especially exciting.At first I must admit, initially beginning Eon was a difficult task. I had to concentrate at adjusting to Alison’s writing style which simply amazes you. I was amazed at her talent for drawing, and defining, that line between novels for only teens and novels that people of all ages can really be immersed in and enjoy. The writing is that of Adult literature standard but with a story that would simply captivate any teenager willing to try a new fantasy world away from the trendy paranormal ones. With the help of Eon, I was prepared to consume yet another densely descriptive piece in the same Asian-Oriental-inspired world I was thrown into earlier. I was already drowning in enough colour and visuals as it was, but that is what I like. An entirely fleshed out world which involved an etiquette portrayed in the characters that was clearly evidence of thorough research and personal experience. In just the first 50 pages I had two updates on Goodreads: "Alison Goodman is already rocking and creating eruptions in the oriental/asian chasm of my mind. Soo soo good so far.” and "epic...that is all.” I was hooked from the very first page. I’m already gushing. How depressing.In Eona, Eona's true identity has been revealed and she is on the run from Sethon, the pretender to the Emperor's throne. Eona is coming into her power as a Dragoneye and her identity as a woman. This bookstarts with Eona fleeing the capital and on her way to join the Resistance. She is hoping to find the true Emperor and help bring him back to power. Of course Eona is having to deal with learning how to be a woman in this book (after spending so much time dressed as a boy in the last book), and has many troubles merging with her Mirror Dragon and controlling her power and the other dragons who have lost their Dragoneyes. The only one who can train and help Eona with the use of her dragon is Ido, and he is being held captive by Lord Sethon back at the capital. Eona may have to rescue Ido and combine forces with her enemy if she is ever going to help return the true Emperor to power, and save those she loves most.I’m going to try my best to make this brief but descriptive, but just being in that gushing zone it’s really quite hard to admire, write and explain about everything I want to at exactly the same time. In terms of the landscape, Eon was mainly situated within the palace. However, Eona takes us all across the fantastic world, through mountain passes and deserts and forests, even across the water on boat. This is a tale of adventure, and we explore the land and its people, including their etiquette as I recalled earlier.Eona although struggles with personal love, identity, trust, choices and control of her power, she really becomes an extraordinary and sensational female protagonist. Although sensitive at times, she really encompasses a true woman who stands up and fights for justice, willing to do whatever it takes to do what’s right in her eyes. Each and every other character is given their time to explain to you their circumstances whether good or bad, in this plot. There’s a certain something which happens in the latter half of the novel which I absolutely loved. It showed how personal interest could make someone’s physical gain, their psychological and individual loss. If you have read of this scene, let me tell you it was my favourite part.There was a love triangle which totally surprised me, but this is all I will say.The Eon duology is heavily influenced by themes and although Alison says that it is actually the plot and the characters which brought about the impacting themes, I believe that this foundation of themes made this duology into such a breathtaking story that it has become. Eona ends on a climax, a result of war, battle and bloodshed - and my favourite, conflict.If you haven’t already picked up Eon please do. If you are further on in Eona’s journey, please read Eona because you will not forget the experience you will encounter when you do. I cannot wait to read more of Alison Goodman’s future works, and meeting her sometime soon too.