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Across the Universe - Beth Revis OMG THIS WAS FREXING AWESOME!If I can say one word and one word only, it would have to be: FREX! I cannot describe how frexing amazing Across the Universe was. This book from YA debut author Beth Revis had everything you could ever want in a story: strong likeable characters, a twisting plot, mystery, suspense, torture, love, family, society, leadership, history, words, words, words, and more words. Words cannot describe how awesome it was. The phenomenal feeling of being fulfilled with ecstasy and enjoyment after every page was well worth it, and waiting for this book since last year just makes me so much happier now that I've read it. It was a pure masterpiece. I am one to not write great reviews on books which I absolutely cannot stop thinking about and adore. Across the Universe is one of them. As you can probably tell from this introduction, my brain just exploded and sentences do not particularly form, or I am just not in that mind-set to write a thorough review because I absolutely cannot say anything negative about it.The main thing that stuck out for me in my mind after reading this book was the alternate POV between Elder and Amy. By showing both the perspectives of Amy and Elder, it was easy to the ship through the eye's of an insider as well as a foreigner. This made the plot more interesting since Elder was the one uncovering the lies, while Amy was left with a feeling that something wasn't right on the ship. There were really only three characters which I really adored. I could read a book with only these three. They each had a different perspective on life and their beliefs were varied. Amy, Elder and Harley. Oh My God! Such a great cast.The first chapter pulled me straight in. I didn't glance at the page numbers or the time at all. I was glued to every single page. The book had finished without realising what the time was. The pacing was constant, slowly increasing to the speed of light by the end (no pun intended). Each chapter had its own meaning, even if it was a couple of lines in length. Each of those sentences gave you something to think about and imagine. Beth's writing was ah-mazing! AHHH! I also loved that the Earth's history was used and played a large part in the control of the society on Godspeed. The moral and ethical issues (and there were many)that Beth Revis had involved in this world was implemented with such dignity and respect for the world of 2011.I loved the dystopian life Godspeed's people live in. It was a fresh take on this genre with the introduction of the true science-fiction addition of space and biological enhancements/suppressors to control the society. Every single thread came together exceptionally well and Beth Revis should be given a gold star (no pun intended...again). Seriously, Beth Revis is a frexing genius. Did you hear me? A FREXING GENIUS!!! Once more? No. I think you get the picture. I dearly hope there's a film for this because I would be a frexing fan. Think Twilight's die-hard girl fans. I will be Not just the films but Beth Revis die-hard BOY fan.5/5 flasksThrow the universe in my YA Concoction, but leave Across the Universe with enough stars to count 100 out of 5 possible stars. Let Beth choose the 5 largest stars which hold the most worth, because she deserved that #7 NYTBestseller's.My favourite quote from Across the Universe:"Eldest thinks power is control, that the best way to be a leader is to force everyone into obedience. Holding Amy against me, I realize the simple truth is that power isn't control at all-power is strength, and giving that strength to others. A leader isn't someone who forces others to make him stronger; a leader is someone willing to give his strength to other so that they may have the strength to stand on their own. This is what I've been looking for since the first day I was told that I was born to lead this ship. Leading Godspeed has nothing to do with being better than everyone else, with commanding and forcing and manipulating. Eldest isn't a leader. He's a tyrant. A leader doesn't make pawns-he makes people."