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Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins I've heard many positive reviews on Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, but to be honest I didn't find it that great. Sure, it had a great opening few chapters, but as the plot went on it just became too predictable and familiar to others I've read. Heroine with unknown life/prophecy, mysterious boy that she falls in love with, the mean girls, the bullied one etc. I need something refreshing and new for my liking. Even the range of paranormal beings was restricted: witches, shifters, faeries, and vampires. Oh yeah, and the villainous demons. Sure it brought some additional characters but you might as well use them to further enhance the plot or Hecate Hall. The mystery was sub-par. What I did really enjoy was the witty humour Rachel had included into the voice of Sophie and also the minor characters too. I did chuckle every now and then at them. To conclude, I will definitely continue onto Demonglass but not for a while.