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The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa First of all I just want to say how much I love this cover. In my video review I couldn't stop kissing it because when I was younger I had wanted a girlfriend/wife who had blonde hair and blue eyes (just like my mother) and well, the three covers of the series is my most highly prized possession. The girl on the cover is just so beautiful. Ok now what's inside the book.I finished this book at about 3am in the morning and I couldn't stop reading it. I wanted to keep reading so that I could find out what would happen next. This book exceeded the already set expectations I had. The Iron Queenis definitely my favourite of the series and is such a great sequel to its two predecessors. It was a thrilling, action-packed, adventurous, humorous and emotional read. If you haven't yet begun reading The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa, I highly recommend that you do because it is one series you don't want to miss or be the last person to read them.In The Iron Queen you get a greater insight into the Faerie realm, the Nevernever. It was sad to know that if the false Iron King wasn't stopped from destroying the Nevernever/wyldwood, all the creatures, the fae people and the beautiful scenery of it would die and become a wasteland.I don't want to give much away from the ending of The Iron Daughter but for this review to go as planned I need to. It won't be much I promise. I don't even think it is a spoiler. Anyway, **Meghan, Puck and Ash are exiled from the Nevernever and cannot return because they had disobeyed the orders and rules of both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, King Oberon of Summer and Queen Mab of Winter**. In the beginning of The Iron Queen, these three set out on a little adventure to first complete their own personal quests, mostly Meghan freeing her mortal father from the chains of Leanansidhe. After thatshe, Ash and Puck are swept back to Faery and Meghan becomes the imminent threat of the false Iron King. The Nevernever is suffering gravely and the Winter and Summer Courts have formed a delicate alliance with one common goal in mind... to defeat the false Iron King. And Meghan is the only one that can. There is also a lot more to detail about what happens but I don't want to spoil it for anyone.Being a male, I'm not one to really care about the romance aspect or love triangle of any novel if I don't gain something out of it that I could use in my own personal life or can relate to. However, The Iron Queen swayed me a bit to either side with Ash or Puck, but being male once again, I don't believe I had the right to decide who Meghan should be with because simply she's female, and both genders as well as different individuals have a range of tastes and desires in who they want to be with. I couldn't really distinguish between Ash and Puck physically, but personality-wise I could tell the difference between them and if I were Meghan it would be easy to decide. Just being a male reading this book just seemed to bring a different view. And it is not just this book but that also goes for other lovey-dovey books like Twilight. There's a love sequence going on between Ash and Meghan, and I feel sorry for Puck because he just misses out. On the upside, Puck took everything in pride, he was very earnest, and although he'd see Meghan and Ash together he doesn't let that weigh him down; he just wants to be there for Meghan as a noble friend. Because of this I did tear a little, and being male I'll just label myself truly as an emotional-wreck.The Iron Queen was more than epic. It was phenomenal. Julie Kagawa's writing since The Iron King and The Iron Daughter has improved significantly, and it just shows her skill and talent really well. Her world-building is extraordinary and I loved every bit of the Iron Kingdom, all the action, fighting, and the battle that erupts. There's so much more happening, so many more newly introduced and defined creatures, and an array of new characters that you learn about, making this world even more enjoyable, lively and believable. I just have no complaints, besides me being a sado-masochistic male. I'm not really but you get the point. Put that aside, I'm totally for this book.From The Iron King, Meghan is so innocent and doesn't know much about the faery realm. But reading The Iron Queen, Meghan has shown so much maturity and growth throughout the story. You can't help but to feel proud of Meghan: of who she has become, her choice to succeed and her independency. She got given a challenge, she took it without hesitating, twisted it this way and that, and got a result in what was wanted and intended. She has guts! Not only did Meghan show character development, but so did Ash, Puck, Grim and some of the minor characters. Ash changed a lot, moving away from that typical prince we knew and became someone who had opened up and showed his true feelings to Meghan and the reader. Puck was loyal to the end and never gave up. Grimalkin was wise, intelligent and fickle, and making you learn more about him and his life of deeds.BTW: I LOVED RAZOR! He was soooo adorable and reminded me so much of Dobby from HP. Just the way he spoke in his little gremlin voice. JULIE KAGAWA PLEASE GIVE ME A GREMLIN AS A PET. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND FOREVER.I'm trying to keep away from rating books but this would be a 5/5 star book.