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Outside In - Maria V. Snyder Outside In is the first ARC/galley and the first book I have read before it is officially released. So I'm stoked about that! It's not everyday which you get to read a book before the majority gets a hold of it. Firstly, I loved Inside Out and was itching to discover what Outside In held behind the cover. My expectations for this sequel were high as its predecessor blew me completely away. Looking back at Poison Study, Maria V. Snyder's writing improved greatly, giving us another world to discover; one not so much set in fantasy, but one that can actually happen in our reality, and possibly near future.Although the beginning chapters of Outside In were practically a recap of what occurred in Inside Out, I believed some of it wasn't necessary. Yes our memories of Inside Out may have become a little hazy, but it left a lasting impression in my mind that I had no trouble recalling anything. Its greatness probably did that. But still, because of these 'chapters of recall' I strongly suggest you don't begin Outside In until you read Inside Out; it sets you up for the brain-sizzling adventure you'll be forced onto.The number one aspect I loved about Outside In, was that it was packed with action, betrayals and trickery. Maria V. Snyder's plot was no simple creation. It was just exhausting to read and get your head around every twist, turn and revelation that has been poured into this 320 page book. Put aside the exhaustion you get from it, Maria V. Snyder's writing made you keep up and be able to follow what is happening with no hassle. Her detailing of every inch of this world and each character was impressive to say the least. Just when you think you had it figured out, something you never saw coming happens. There were surprises waiting around every corner in this book. Those surprises, seriously surprised and amazed me. It was a beauty that Snyder could actually do that to me. Tricking me into believing something, then making me hate myself a few pages later for falling for it, keeping us on the same line and connection as Trella. I wasn't able to predict any outcomes, and I had no idea how these characters were going to get out of the mess they found themselves in.The second thing I admired was Trella's character once again. I loved her in Inside Out, and once again she has matured in more way than one. From the very beginning she was a great character, finally realizing her potential once this sequel goes on its roller-coaster ride. Her strength, tenacity and growth were remarkable. I liked how at first she didn't think she was important, so left critical decisions up to the Committee. She was hesitant at becoming a leader. After the rebellion she though everything had settled and had become more livable than before. However what she wanted to create all along was a world where both Uppers and Lowers (scrubs) lived side by side, interacted with each other and shared roles in the society. A society with no differences. It took a lot for her to realize that she had an essential part in the survival to Inside. The adventures of her and her friends became more and more dangerous and impossible as the book went on, and although at some points the characters felt hopeless and couldn't save themselves from the dawning horror, they never gave up. Trella was willing to risk everything to fight the greater threat that was jeopardizing the Inside, even if she was injured page after page.There is so much more I could say about Outside In but I just don't want to give anything away. Let me just say one thing: you cannot trust anyone, even if your life depended on it. Although this series is stated to be a two-part, I dearly hope that Maria writes a third. I want to see Trella and Riley's relationship flourish into something more. The shower scene was not enough, and when reading I though it was too early to be nude together even though they were starting on the same beginning grounds to each other after what happened in Inside Out.Outside In receives:5/5 stars