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Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman If it wasn't for coincidence, I don't think I would have picked this novel up. One Saturday in early December, I thought I would venture into Borders in the city (Melbourne Central) after one long, grueling day at work just to do the usual browsing through the YA area. Without realizing, Alison Goodman was sitting there right in the front, slogging away signing her novel Eon for readers and fans alike. Though when I wound up at this particular time, she wasn't very popular. As I said, I've seen this book on the shelves but I just didn't have that urge I usually get to pick it up and purchase it. Yes, dragons give me a thrill but I was just hesitant; I didn't know much about it. Also, I didn't realize that the author of this book was Australian. So, as I stood nervously in the line of sight of Alison Goodman, I felt a vibe. A very powerful vibe. It was a feeling which made it necessary for me to get a book signed, even if I wouldn't enjoy it. There wasn't going to be another opportunity like it. Sadly I didn't have my camera, but let me just say, "THANK FATE!" I freaking enjoyed this book: the story, the characters, the concept, the world, the amazing writing of Alison Goodman. Everything about it! Also the fact that she lives in Melbourne too. Fate has done it again! LOL! Anyway let me review this.I began reading this novel totally unaware of what the synopsis was about. I probably read it when I purchased the book but just forgot it. As I was reading, I got bedazzled as first there was Eon the boy and then a few pages later there is a little discussion about Eona. So i got lost a bit. But besides that I was utterly stunned by Alison Goodman's writing. It was fantastic; descriptive, flowing, beautiful. The pacing was constant, quickening in the last quarter or so. I liked it. Made me keep reading until the end to find out what would happen next.Eon/Eona was an intelligent, independent, quick-witted individual. She finds herself in a position of great power, and must use it wisely to save all on her side and consolidate it. However, she crosses dozens of hints about what she needs to do to discover and maintain the power of her dragon, but Eona remains oblivious and continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. It got frustrating. We would learn about this traditional Woman Script along with Eona early on but when she finds certain instruments with writing on them, she doesn't recognize what's on it and what it could mean. As soon as they were questioned I immediately knew what it was about and why there was that script. Eona just couldn't figure it out, and he/she was such an intelligent child.There were other side characters which I enjoyed reading about, or the scenes where they were present. Many were just so loyal to Eona: those who knew her secret, and those who just listened to her because she was a Lord in duty/power.Many themes are emanated throughout the pages. Eona herself is crippled, one of her best friends is severely disabled, and her closest advisor is a transvestite. Want more information overload? Even her guard is an eunuch, and that topic is treated with more respect than most stories, which blows over the whole idea without a passing thought. It's nice to read a book where everyone isn't whole, perfect, and beautiful. Femininity and womanhood is a whole topic by itself in this book with the premise of a young woman learning to appreciate her full worth with the help of close friends, and to not hide it in a world where women are only made to be slaves or wives. Be true to yourself and don't live a life behind lies.As my favourite quote goes from Eon goes:"You are wrong when you say there is no power in being a woman. When I think of my mother and the women in my tribe, and the hidden women in the harem, I know there are many types of power in this world...I found power in accepting the truth of who I am. It may not be a truth that others can accept, but I cannot live any other way. How would it be to live a lie every minute of your life? I don't think i could do it."Moving away from the characters I love this world where dragon spirits are needed to protect the people of this Asian-inspired world. I also love the endless different etiquettes that Alison Goodman has most likely researched about and the Asian culture. Loved it. I cannot wait for Eona the sequel and last book of this series. Eon left on a subtle cliffhanger, and for most people waiting since 2008 when Eon was released, many of them would be dying to get their hands on Eona when it is released on April 19th. Also there are numerous different titles from the many different publishers for this one book, as can be seen from the images of the covers above. This book is outstanding.