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Unwind - Neal Shusterman "...if more people had been organ donors, unwinding never would have happened...but people like to keep what's theirs, even after they're dead."Unwind by Neal Shusterman was the last book I had read for 2010. Let me just immediately say, that there was no need of fireworks for the beginning of the new year, because once I finished the last page of Unwind...my mind literally blew like firecrackers and grenades. There's still that one single scene which I can't shake out of my mind. A scene which was harrowing, haunting, mind-boggling and effing epic to say the least. I could describe it more but you know, I think you should read it and have the visual part of your brain absolutely destroyed. This novel was astonishing in it's breathtaking thematic climaxes and plot, and yet utterly disturbing at the same time.By the end each and every character becomes likable, even those you despised ever since you first read of them. One of these characters was Roland. Never has an author moved me from one end of the spectrum of dislike for a character to quite the opposite side of screaming injustice and on the verge of tears. Roland was a character I despised so much I wanted him to be unwound, or literally unwind him myself. However that all changed when I pictured him trying to savour every last second of his "one-piece" life. Such a haunting scene.There were so many themes throughout this novel and many relating to Pro-Life and Pro-Choice topics. Abortion, stem-cell research and, body parts and organ harvesting are heavily relied on to drive this story forward to its climactic ending.There's not a lot to say except that this book is a blessing to have read, and I have come out realizing that there are people in society who need things more than many of us do, and to not be selfish and stubborn for the sake of our humanity in the future. What is shown in Unwind's world, could happen to the future of ours. I love this book because it is well written; because it is compelling; because sometimes it is a hard and challenging read on a personal level; because it asks you to think; for the many things it has revealed about me - most of them not positive. I love this book because it is well-written with absorbing characters and a great plot.5/5 flasksThrow in every single organ and body part that was harvested and wasted into my YA CONCOCTION, because I want to create a world where none of what was in this book, will happen. None of it!