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Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer Why am I even doing a review on this book? Well I'm not really. Just going to be lazy and directly copy what I wrote on GoodReads. This saga is nothing special; nothing much exciting happens. But some parts are nevertheless interesting. You all know what happens, but let me just do the synopsis as per reviewing customs.So....like....yeah...Before I began Twilight I was skeptical due to all the hype from the films. Therefore I just couldn't be bothered reading them. Oh how you teenage girls make a big deal about nothing. If the actors were uglier let's see how it would've turned out. However once i began, I enjoyed Stephenie Meyer's writing and it was way better than that I had expected of it. But what was the letdown was that she repeated so many of her descriptions of Edward which got boring, and some adjectives were constantly used over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Her writing flowed marvelously but there just seemed little effort. Hopefully Breaking Dawn is 100x better in terms of execution and writing, which I think it is. Though seeing only the first film before reading it did end up spoiling this first book in terms of plot and just my own imaginings being linked to the film with set and actors etc. but I did enjoy reading this very much.It's a ★★ as I was wanting more action like how there was in the film towards the ending but there was practically nothing and just what had happened, no specific details. I'm not wasting time on watching the next films, but I will spend time reading the rest of the books. I have also yet to read The Host, which I've been told is a giant compared to Twilight.