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Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher Stolen by Lucy Christopher was a genuine novel. Her writing was wonderful. In addition, there was no better feeling than reading a novel set in Australia, the country I live in. It was daunting because I have been to Central Australia and knowing how arid and desolate our desert landscape is, makes the read even more thrilling and enjoyable. However it's more to Western Australia I believe because they wind up in Perth in the end. Everything was true to the heart, and why wouldn't we not want to experience something new and different?Stolen was a very haunting but thrilling novel. Lucy Christopher tackled some very disturbing topics with much elegance, trying to keep the writings of this fictional character of Gemma, true to the heart. Stolen, being a very scary and emotionally harrowing novel, should not be read by those expecting a light fun YA novel. Yes there is the rare lighthearted moment when Gemma feels empathetic and sorry for Ty, but that immediately is taken back after what she is experiencing is actually reality. My most loved scene would have to be between Gemma and the captured camel. There is such an emotional bond that is strong which connects these two characters, as they both have been taken away from their families and taken captive.The writing style was lyrical and beautiful. The depiction of the desert was vivid and visual. It painted a very real picture of the Australian landscape. It's aridness and desolation from city-life. It's silent nature. The landscape can be defined as a character in itself, considering there weren't really many characters to begin with. Both the characters Ty and Gemma, were very well defined.There was nothing left unclear and needed answering.The book held my attention right from the start mainly because of its originality and uniqueness. It evoked so many emotions - that of hatred, love, sympathy, disgust , fear and desperation. Its the great talent of Lucy Christopher, that made all of these emotions so real. However a downfall of this book was that it was a very slow read. It was slow-paced. At times I had to put it down because I was getting restless but experiencing an uncomfortable feeling at the same time. Getting through 300 pages was a challenge. For this slowness it doesn't reach the five stars I would love to give this Aussie-born author. Therefore, Stolen receives for everything else about it.4.5 stars.