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Inside Out - Maria V. Snyder Crikey! I don't know why I had put off reading this book since I bought it last year when it came out. It was a godsend! I had heard so many great reviews about it but still, why didn't I read it immediately? Maybe it was due to reading the first two in the Study series, which left me in total awe of Maria V. Snyder's writing and storytelling. I just didn't want to ruin that satisfaction I had gotten from them, beginning a novel with a devastatingly different world, far from that of Sitia. But thank God for the Dystopia Challenge, making me push myself to read it, and yes I was left in even more awe and praise of Maria's storytelling. I love reading dystopian books, and this is added to my list of favourites. Inside Out left me with so much emotion and excitement. Please do read this. You won't regret it!What I loved about this novel was that it left me wanting so much more. Not just to find what will happen now because a certain something was achieved or whether curiosity will threaten to take over my life. It was because I want to learn and find out more about each character. I want to be the intelligent, strong (mentally and physically), confident and determined human being we all strive to be. Trella our protagonist, owns every one of these traits and that is why I want to be her. I myself, want to be there to help and make this world a better place so this segregation of individuals never occurs.There are two other things I enjoyed about Trella, besides her brilliant personality. One was that whenever a negative or painful thing had happened, she'd always think about a positive result of it. And in most cases it makes you chuckle. For example, when she ripped off a bandage from the underside of her elbow eliciting pain, she thought about there being less hair to worry about. There were so many other scenarios that were enjoyable to read about too. The second thing that I noticed was that throughout the course of the story, whenever a heartbreaking event happens like someone's thrown to Chomper to be recycled, she realizes that she has become selfish and that all she wants is to make her living more bearable. And from this thinking, she makes as many risks as possible to save everyone in the same position. To make maximum damage before she is caught and recycled herself. She has this pride and self-accomplishment in whatever she does, and in which every protagonist should emanate.There were some scenes in which I had begun to tear because it was so heartfelt. And other scenes I was trying to suppress my laughter and ecstasy. I enjoyed every page of this book, where Trella and gang were faced with endless challenges and obstacles to pass. This book needed to be read when I bought it. But hell, Outside In won't be getting the same treatment as Inside Out did. I will begin that straight away learning form my mistake. Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder deserves a rating greater than five but that is unachievable. Therefore, it receives ★★★★★ because of it's pure awesomeness, characters, messages and world-building. I think I should begin the Glass series as well because Maria V. Snyder is pure awesomeness too!Do read it! I loved it, so will you.