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Magic Study - Maria V. Snyder really enjoyed reading about this world of Maria V. Snyder's in her first novel Poison Study. Magic Study, the continuation of the adventures of Yelena, has it all, without being a clone of it's predecessor. There's a new scenery to adjust to (for example living in the tree canopies), a new kingdom to learn (The Magician's Keep), and so many new challenges for our heroine. There are many fascinating new characters with individual traits of both good and bad, and we learn about a few more cultures in this world that are very different from one another. I give Magic Study ★★★★. I enjoyed it so much more than Poison Study.What I loved about Magic Study was that the Moon people we are introduced to remind me so much of the Indigenous Australians in terms of customs, beliefs and way of doing things.In Poison Study, Yelena was so independent and strong but in this book she seemed to make so many wrong decisions that would need someone else to help her out of the position she just put herself in. However she somehow finds a way to not be a burden on anyone.