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Firelight - Sophie Jordan Reminded me of many other books and the story arcs in them, but it seemed to have it's own unique feel with the 'draki' idea. It was a great read and although the writing (sorry Sophie Jordan!) kind of bored me somewhat, every paragraph seemed to make me keep reading. More discoveries kept unfurling. A lot of people believe Jacinda was annoying, but I don't believe so. Yes, she is annoying with her stubbornness, however everyone has flaws right? And wanting what is apart of you after being stripped from it would really evoke that feeling of desire. I believe Jacinda developed a sense between right and wrong, and some things are worth risking in order to get your desires. It would be through the writing in which I can agree that Jacinda is annoying, but not entirely her character. Jordan writes quite direct, abrupt and frankly and this seems to have reflected into Jacinda's character.I cannot wait for Vanish the sequel as I want to know what will happen to Jacinda when she returns to the pride. 4/5 stars.